Sunday, December 20, 2009

Important Links

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Junior Year History Class & A Ground Rule

     My Junior Year at Venice High School in sunny Venice, FL, I was blessed to have an enchanting American History teacher by the name of Ms. Simmons. I doubt that she will ever read this, but I would be remiss not to thank her for allowing me to learn through my beloved medium of film. 23 films were shown over the duration of Ms. Simmons' one-semester class, and each helped to further illuminate the dark coves and corners of history.

     After graduating from her class, I was dismayed to find that the public school board found her film-infused teaching methods undesireable and thus forced her to greatly reduce and alter her tried and proven curriculum. Censored by a misguided and presumptuous system, Ms. Simmons is now retired, hopefully still enjoying films in the company of her beloved cats (all named after presidents and their first ladies, mind you).

     The first week of Ms. Simmons' class structure was such that it was designed to come full circle. The very first week of her class was identical to that of the last. The 1st and last week were about the decades that formed the country that we (the class of '08) were born into. This week-long unit began post-WWII and continued on through 1989. The film shown to embody these deacades was Forrest Gump.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Kindred Spirits & Underdeveloped Purpose Statements

     I recently saw the heartwarming and inspiring film Julie & Julia. I saw it at Parkway Cinemas 8, or as I affectionately refer to it: the Dollar Theater. It is where I saw my very first movie, Pinocchio, with my father when I was only 3. It is one of the nearest and dearest locations to my heart. I have laughed my "unfortunate" laugh there so frequently and loudly that I have had multiple occasions (the last I remember being Robots) to reconnect with school-age friends through the post-film comment, "I knew that was you I heard in there". I have cried enough there to garner comments of concern from my mother (after seeing Million Dollar Baby) when she insisted that I call her to check in between films during the Saturday double features of my Middle School days. And I have been so transfixed by films there as to be told that I watch them with a focus like no other (as was said to me by a close friend right after watching P.S. I Love You) . It's a very special theater to me. And one that is no stranger to the highs, lows, and new beginnings of my life. So that Julie & Julia affected me as it did as it watched it in that theater, my theater, is no surprise.

     The film is all about passion, doing things that other can't or won't understand, kindred spirits, and just doing something! It made me think of my passions, my own un-understandable desires, those with whom I have "kindred" connections , and it inspired me to the action of this blog as a way for me to do something about all of my aforementioned thoughts.