Saturday, January 16, 2010

An Apology & Globe Predictions

     I must start with an apology. In spite of my unsure purpose and desperately undefined goals for this blog, my going an entire month (it's been way more than that now but what-the-hay...)without posting to it is unacceptable. I site as an excuse that I've been busy at dinner with Roger (the link elaborates). Apologies completed, there is much business to attend to: The Globes air Sunday night and I have yet to share my opinions and predictions! But that's about to change...

     On the Globes' official site (available on my Important Links posting), the Motion Picture nomination categories are listed from the most important (Best Picture -Drama) to the least (Best Original Song). I shall start with the least and work my way up:

Best Original Song:

"Cinema Italiano" -Nine

     This song was written just for the film version of this broadway hit. It has a different sound than the other, less "pop-y" songs in the film and that somewhat hurts the flow and continuity of the film. The song itself is fun but doesn't have any highs and lows and plays rather monotone (depriving Kate Hudson of the chance to truly wow us with her singing debut in a movie).