Wednesday, December 14, 2011

For Blake

     My best friend, one of my only two subscibers (and my heartiest supporter), died a year ago today. He enjoyed the few posts I made and always encouraged me to write more. A lot has happened since his passing. And even more since I wrote my last post here. So today, on the day he went Home to Jesus, I sit down at this keyboard and type a blog entry in his honor, and in hopes of keeping up with it (for real) this time.

     Blake was a fighter. He fought three battles against cancer. And though he lost the last, he won the war. He never quit, and he finished what he started. In my last post I said that I had a hand written review for Following (a film Roger never reviewed). I still do indeed have it, but in lieu of my recent move to a lovely apartment where I live with my partner, it is boxed up somewhere. Frett not, it will be posted when I fish it out of its box. But for now I wanted to post something else...

     In many reviews and blog-posts past, Roger has expressed a sentiment that I want to echo (in paraphrase): It is not just the story that is told, but the way in which it is told. "The way in which" lies almost primarily in the hands of a films' director.