Friday, April 8, 2016

SFF Selections 2015: "Little Men"

Little Men * * * *

     No one writes dialogue like Ira Sachs. A master of understanding the intricacies of human speech, his films observe conversations as though heard from life. Absent of exposition and theatricality, pregnant with sub-text, and brimming over with sentiments unsaid: his words are mine, yours, human. "My parents are married, they just don't live together." says a buoyantly authentic Brooklyn teen. "I don't understand..." responds his sensitive and artistic friend. And "neither do I." comes his pointed and vulnerable reply. These words ring so true because they honestly convey how kids, nay how people speak when un-masked and genuine before one other. The people who speak them are Jake and Tony, the simplistically and earnestly genuine titular Little Men of Sach's latest exploration of interaction in a world filled with those who scheme and posture behind complex defensive facades.