Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rodney's 2011 Oscar Best Picture Wishlist

     Today is the day! The 2011 Oscars are here and tonight should prove to be one filled with exitement. But in a dream world (run by me), these FIVE films would be in contention for Best Picture:


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rodney's 2011 Oscar Wishlist *A Correction & An Addition*

     As those of you who keep up with the blog know, I had planned on an afternoon date with my partner Steven to go see War Horse last Monday, but due to unforseen circumstances, we couldn't make it. I ended up seeing it alone Wednesday night, and on my drive there, I did some thinking. I was thinking of late night trips to the movies (many of which with my dear friend Blake
-i.e. when we saw Up in the Air), Oscar seasons passed, and those films and performances that go without nomination or even inclusion in the Oscar conversation.

     With Up in the Air on my mind, my thoughts obviously turned to Vera Farmiga and how that film made me fall in love with her. As I've been writing these Oscar blogs, I've been so wrapped up in this year's Oscar conversation and all the movies confined within the ever-narrowing Oscar landscape that I completely forgot to include one of my favorite films of the year (one that, unfortunately, is totally absent from 2011's Oscar consciousness): Higher Ground. Not only does Vera give an award-worthy performance it it, but it is also her directorial debut.

     One of the hardest things that an actress can evoke is true personal transformation -those moments in life when one decides to completely change (not on a whim, but due to a personal realization that one's life is no longer what one wants it to be). Working from a screenplay based off of Carolyn S. Briggs' memoir This Dark World, Vera's film tells the story of Corrine, a woman who makes two such transformations in her life:

Monday, February 20, 2012

Rodney's 2011 Oscar Wishlist (Part IV -ACTING III)

     My last post (that, hopefully, all of you have already read) was only written a bit ago this morning. I cut it short thinking my time was about to be filled with other things, but when I found my schedule freed up, I decided to finish writing my wishlists for the supporting acting categories:


     Jessica Chastain - Take Shelter

(I honestly don't know how the movie industry even functioned before Jessica Chastain. A year ago I didn't even know who she was but in 2011 she burst onto the scene with no less than 6 movies

Rodney's 2011 Oscar Wishlist (Part III -ACTING II)

     Good morning blog-readers. I have to say that the best cure for a case of the Mondays is having it off; and with plans for an afternoon date to see War Horse with my partner, this Monday seems to be shaping up nicely. But as I did yesterday, I wanted to set aside a little time to continue my Oscar Wishlist. Today I'll be continuing with the acting categories:


     Albert Brooks - Drive

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rodney's 2011 Oscar Wishlist (Part II -ACTING I)

     Having just enjoyed a wonderful lunch with friends and being challenged in church that my faith should impact the most private parts of my life and not just the public, I wanted to set aside a little time on this quiet afternoon to continue my 2011 Oscar Wishlist. Today I'll be writing the first of my acting wishlists:


     George Clooney - The Descendants

(In a career-best performance *though his career-best film remains Up In The Air*.)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rodney's 2011 Oscar Wishlist (Part I -MUSIC)

     Most people (whether they write it out or just quietly internalize it) have some sort of wish-list for what they hope to receive at Christmas-time. I am and never have been one for Christmas lists; which in my opinion, makes me very easy to shop for -I'm happy with anything. But those close to me insist that by not limiting the possibilities, I make shopping for me impossible... but I digress. I have always had a wishlist come Oscar-time and thus far it has always been a quietly internalized one, until now! I give you Rodney's 2011 Oscar Wishlist (Part I -MUSIC):

*It must be noted that I have yet to see A Separation (Roger's #1 film of the year) or War Horse (a Best Picture contender) along with a few other Oscar hopefuls.

**The appropriate amount of nominees will not neccessarily be listed for each category. This post isn't my way of filling out my own awards ballot, but rather my way of listing what each category is incomplete without.


*Each song's title is linked to its YouTube video.

     Lay Your Head Down - Albert Nobbs

     Life's A Happy Song - The Muppets

     The Living Proof - The Help