Friday, December 14, 2012

2 Years: A Love Letter To My Cinematic and Spiritual Brother

Dear Blake,
     Today marks two years since you died surrounded by your friends and family. I knelt at your right hand; and just as you were my "right hand man" in life, I was yours as I held you in your death. The moment you left, I dropped to the floor and in my own way told God that I knew He could take better care of you than I ever did or could. I have missed you every day for the past two years. I have (generally unhealthily) suppressed the loss of you inside me these 731 days, not knowing how to deal with such a loss. Today I let some of my grief quietly surface in this blog-post, this letter to you, for I think you are more worthy to be honored on this day than I am worthy to finish it painlessly.