Sunday, January 13, 2013

Golden Globes 2012: Opinions & Predictions -PART II

     For anyone who kept up with the Rodney&Roger live Facebook feed Thursday morning, you know that the Oscar nominations were full of pleasant surprises. Most notably, Amour was honored with a staggering 5 nominations! And for those of you who revisited the Facebook Page during that night's Critic's Choice Awards, you know how they shocked with Phillip Seymour Hoffman's Best Supporting Actor win (a sign of things to come?). Tonight brings with it the Golden Globes, and then a few weeks later the SAGs will air. Hopefully once those pit-stops are made we will have a clearer vision of who is on the road to Oscar. But despite all of that awards fanfare (and the 9 and 10 hour shifts I worked on Friday and Saturday respectively), I am determined to finish my Globes posts before they are broadcast tonight. So on to the Best Supporting Actress category and all of my comments on it along with my predictions and desires in the Best Actor/Actress and Best Picture fields (sans my usual commentary)...

Best Supporting Actress:

     Amy Adams -The Master

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Golden Globes 2012: Opinions & Predictions -Best Supporting Actor

     For 2 years running, I have ambitiously set out to post my commentary on all of the Globes' categories. I always publish posts on the less significant categories first (i.e. Best Song and Best Score) with the intention of blogging my way up to Best Picture. Due to lack of planning and bad use of time, I have never made it past the screenplay award. But no longer! The Globes air in 4 days and before they do so, I will be publishing multiple concise Globes Posts for the year. I'll be making Acting Posts, one for each of the Actors' fields (Lead in a Musical-Comedy/ Drama and Supporting) and the same for the Actresses. Then I'll publish my Best Picture (Musical-Comedy/ Drama) thoughts last. Today I'll kick things off with the Supporting Actors:

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cineworld Day 6: AMOUR/ The Best Film of 2012

     Thursday morning at 8:30 am EST, the Oscar nominations will be announced. As is tradition, my Oscar Wishlist will be soon to follow (I essentially only need to see Promised Land, Rust and Bone, and Zero Dark Thirty and I'm caught up for 2012). That night the Critic's Choice Awards will air at 8:00 pm EST on the CW and all of my up-to-the-minute thoughts will be posted on Rodney&Roger's Facebook Wall. Then on Sunday, the Golden Globes will air on NBC (I'll be publishing my Globes predictions/favorites posts for all the major categories over the next few days and will also be sharing my thoughts live on the the Facebook page throughout the ceremony), Before this blog is consumed by awards mania through the end of February though, I wanted to share my review for the best film of 2012:

Amour * * * *