Friday, November 9, 2012

The Cineworld Film Festival: Schedule

     An unfortunate stretch of time has gone by since my last blog post. In the next week I'll be moving back in with my former room-mate and fellow blogger Robert. This new living arrangement will bring an end to my lack of internet access and hence I can begin to blog once again. So with a few months and an unfortunate end to a relationship behind me, I arrive here at my first post since July.
     Today marks the start of The Sarasota Film Society's Cineworld Film Festival. This is a small but significant festival in that just as the Sarasota Film Festival showcases the best of festival fare from Cannes and Toronto, Cineworld showcases the first in the onslaught of Oscar contenders soon to be released. Year after year the films and performances that I see there go on to be Oscar nominees and even winners such as 2011's Best Picture winner The Artist and 2010's Best Actress winner Natalie Portman (Black Swan). Also Cineworld will always hold a special place in my heart personally as the festival that screened the last film that my dear friend Blake ever saw in a theater before his passing.
     This year I'll be seeing more Cineworld films than ever before: a whopping 11! And as I did with the Sarasota Film Festival, I'll be blogging daily reviews for each of the films I see so that all of you faithful blog readers can vicariously experience the festival through me (in the same way that I so enjoy experiencing Cannes and Toronto through Roger's blog). Here is the schedule of what I'll be screening this year:
     The Sessions
          11/9 at 4:30PM
     Struck by Lighting
          11/9 at 7:30PM
     Neighboring Sounds
          11/10 at 11:30AM
     The Eye of the Storm
          11/10 at 4:30PM
     Hyde Park on Hudson
          11/10 at 7:00PM
     A Late Quartet
          11/11 at 7:30PM
     Coming Up Roses
          11/13 at 11:30AM
     While We Were Here
          11/14 at 5:00PM
          11/14 at 7:00PM
     Shadow Dancer
          11/16 at 7:00PM
     Silver Linings Playbook
          11/18 at 7:00PM
     Check back in tomorrow for my reviews on The Sessions and Struck by Lightning!

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